KEEPERS         Senior Art Director         2023

June 2022 initial concept sketches to September 2023 final QC of renders and launch for full collection of work.

Every piece in the collection is brought to life digitally as a fully-rigged and gameplay-ready, 3D metaverse asset. Each avatar is represented in the form of ultra high-fidelity files that are downloadable and ready for use in 4K film, media and AAA video game environments, among other opportunities across the digital and physical world. Pursuant to the Keepers NFT Terms, each Keepers NFT owner has digital files and comprehensive commercial rights to the avatar associated with that Keepers NFT. As we move toward a new frontier of spatial computing, each Keeper can develop as a projection of oneself or as a dynamic, independent character for immersive film and TV scripting, gaming, social influencing, and beyond. Throughout a Keeper’s journey, it can undeniably prove its identity with cryptographically signed messages. Keepers are designed to be a cornerstone of digital identity.